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You will clearly see the difference in our Shorkie puppies

Baby doll faces, Sweet Teddy bear expressions. Small furry packages all wrapped up in a ton of puppy !

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We are so confident in the health and temperament  of our Shorkie puppies that in the event one of our puppies should develop a genetic issue that is outlined in our warranty we will HAPPILY! REFUND YOU THE COST OF THE PUPPY up to 5 yrs of age.   NO other website or breeders offer this. So please know as your breeder we are with you on this journey all the way and you are family when you adopt a Priceless Pup! !!We even take it a step further and stand behind your puppy with our limited Life time warranty of up to 10 yrs and offer a inhouse Priceless Pups credit is the #1 website is the world and leading educator in the Shorkie breed!

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Our Shorkie Puppies have "THE LOOK"

We are often asked why our puppies look so different from all the other breeders and my answer is simple.

"Perfection does not happen over night my friends. It has taken me 23 yrs of dedication to this amazing breed to find the right combination of parents that makes these highly sought after baby doll faces with sweet teddy bear expressions.

One Big Reason Is our Yorkie Males who are the dads to our Shorkies. The look of the yorkie male will make or break a littler of puppies when it comes to that perfect baby doll face.

Just take a look at one of our dads! This is our Cadillac! One of the most gorgeous Yorkie boys you can find anywhere. he is a TRUE solid rare gold boy that produces tons of colors. But he is the back bone of breeding program. We not not use yorkies with LONG muzzles .. long legs and long bodies AND THIN COATS!  Cadillac is 4 lbs of perfection and has passes all his testing! 

You can see all our Yorkie boys and upcoming Shorkie daddy at

Past Photos of adopted Shorkie puppies

As you will see no ones does Shorkies like we do Shorkie puppies


shorkie puppies

shorkie puppies

shorkie puppies

adult shorkie pictures

Teacup Shorkie puppies

shorkie breeders

shorkies for sale

shorkie puppies for sale

shorkies and morkies



Shorkie puppies are hypoallergenic and non shedding Shorkie puppies are great for children  and are easy to train. Shorkie puppies  make great companions  and are the perfect new addition to any family! !

Hello! My name is Steffy, and I am proud to be your guide into the wonderful world of Shorkie Puppies  – the breed created by mating a female Shih Tzu with a male Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier). Whether you already own a Shorkie puppy, whether you are a future Shorkie puppy parent, or perhaps even you are a Shorkie breeder, I am glad you have found my site, and me – and my goal is to make you glad that you have too!

I am the founder of the Shorkie breed here in the USA and Canada and the founder and president of the Shorkie Club of America (SCA) – the only Shorkie Club in the world dedicated to the ethical development of this incredible breed.

In the United States and Canada,  Shorkie Puppies  are considered a “Designer” breed – a breed which is created by intentionally mating two separate and distinct purebreds together to create a new breed, in this case, the Shorkie. I have also written the only book on Shorkie puppies ,"The Official Shorkie Guide"  and it is the first book dedicated to the Shorkie breed in the world, and is based on my personal knowledge and experiences gained throughout the more than 23 plus years in which I have been breeding Shorkies. This website will cover  a variety of important Shorkie topics that are valuable to puppy parents and breeders alike, and I hope you will find it to be a comprehensive reference and resource for you – a “How To” for finding and living with a happy, healthy and well-adjusted Shorkie.

If you are one of our puppy parents you will get the book for free. If you are just interested in getting the book you can visit    and you can get the online version there.


If you are a future puppy parent, perhaps you have stumbled across Shorkie puppies by chance and need some key information before deciding if this is the right breed for your family. Or, if you are  someone who already has an irresistible, happy-go-lucky Shorkie in your household, I believe you, too, have come to the right place, and I will attempt to cover a few of the most asked your Shorkie questions.  Besides providing the most reputable and reliable information available about Shorkies, We have more experience in raising Shorkie puppies than anyone else in the world.

I will also give information about Shorkie puppy mills and pet stores /PET SHOPS  in Mississippi and Alabama  – how to recognize them, how to avoid them, and why you should never support them. And I will explain how to use the SCA as a guide in adopting a Shorkie from a reputable breeder. . Puppy parents often do not know what the red flags are, so we will help teach how to spot them.

Developing the Shorkie breed is a legacy that I could not be more proud of, and there are not enough words to express how grateful I am to my family for the many years of support I have received from them in this endeavor. Similarly, to all of our Priceless Pups families who have supported me and joined me on this journey, I have heartfelt gratitude. Without you and your support, Priceless Pups would not be the No. 1 destination website, worldwide, for Shorkies. Your support means everything to me!

And, to all of my fellow breeders and SCA( Shorkie Club Of America)  members who share my same vision in ethical breeding and in the pursuit of having this incredible breed become a recognized purebred, it is an honor and pleasure to work side-by-side with each and every one of you to make this dream become a reality.

Someone joked a few years ago that I am the “Shorkie Queen,” and I have since embraced the title and wear my tiara with great pride for all to see! My hope in sharing all my Shorkie experience is  to help better educate people worldwide about this new and upcoming breed known as the Shorkie.

So, again, I welcome you in, and I hope you will sit back and enjoy your ride into the incomparable, wacky and wonderful world of Shorkies!

Many people want our Shorkie puppies but because they are in different states than us they dont think it is is possible. Well folks that is not true! We can get a puppy home safe and sound because we are EXPERTS in shipping our Shorkie puppies all over the world.

We have found that many the families we service want of my personal Shorkie  puppies because we have the most expertise in breeding these amazing dogs and because we have that BABY DOLL FACE that everyone wants . Our breedings are very CONSISTENT in that we produce that look baby doll teddy bear face all the time.

So if you are interested in our of babies we do have a adoption form  you will need to fill out that gives you the opportunity to tell us a little bit about your family and some other questions. Then we will give you a call and we can begin the interview process and get to know one another. Then at that time we will decide whether or not there is a puppy you are interested in and if it is a good match for what you are looking for. We will also talk about the option of getting on our VIPP list for upcoming litters. ( Very Important puppy parents) The Vipp list  is a list for those families wanting to get a deposit in and get to be the first to pick out puppies from the upcoming litters. Its a great way to NOT miss out on the puppy of your dreams.

Dont be discourage if you do not live in our state!! (* the Beautiful and evergreen state of Washington) we ship all over the world and are experts in getting your baby home safe and sound to you. Or we welcome everyone to fly in and pick your puppy up.


Shipping information options for the state you may live in and the airports we service and the airlines that service them .


Flying one of our Shorkie Puppies in the Cabin with you

This is done by  purchasing a round-trip flight to pick puppy up, then return home the same day. If reserved in advance you can usually fly for $200-$250 round trip. Pups flight is additional $70-90 approx. and you pay this here at the Seattle airport. But when you book the flight make sure you tell the people you are bringing a puppy back with you. *We love this this method and will be happy to meet you at Seattle International airport. I love when I get to meet our puppy parents!!! All puppy parents are responsible for the flight costs of themselves and the puppy and the soft sided carrier you will need to bring your puppy on the plane with you. We will however work with your schedule and make it as easy as possible for you.


Although we may not live in your state and don't have the option of flying in to pick up your new puppy we want you to know that  we have Shorkie puppies all over the world that have been shipped via the airlines . Shipping is SAFE and we are happy to walk you through the entire process. In  most cases shipping is already included in our prices when you view the puppies in the nursery. On the chance that it is not included in the price we have gone over the shipping of our babies  below. Just look ofr your state and you will see the availability and airlines we use to service your state.

All of our Shorkie puppies come from Seattle Wa International Airport. 

California shipping

If we are Shipping any Shorkie puppies into California we will probably use Alaska airlines and the price is an extra 100. 00 do to the Shipping requirements. They service most major cities such as Sacramento, Sandiego  and Los Angelos

Shorkie puppies Alabama Shipping

If you live in the state of  Alabama our Alabama our Shorkie puppies will have to be flown into Birmingham via continental airlines and there is no extra fee for the flight and it is included in our prices. There are NO OTHER options getting our puppies into Alabama. We do not use any other airlines for this destination.

Shorkie puppies Arizona Shipping

Our Shorkie puppies in Arizona will need to be shipped into Phoenix international and we can use Continental airlines.

If you are interested in our Shorkie puppies coming home to Colorado they will be shipped into Denver International Airport. For Colorado Shorkies we can use Continental airlines. Included in the price

Shorkie puppies Idaho Shipping

For those interested in our Shorkie puppies for the Idaho  area we would love to have you drive to Washington state and pick your puppy up in person. But if we need to ship our Shorkies into Idaho we use Horizon.. and Alaska airlines. The flight is only about 2 hours long for the puppy.  Because we have to use Alaska /Horizon there will be an extra 75.00 fee . We cannot use Continental airlines for Idaho

Shorkie puppies Connecticut Shipping

Getting our Shorkie puppies into Connecticut can be done but it is a bit tricky as the arrival time can be a bit late at night. So when I am shipping any Shorkie into Connecticut they go in to Hartford airport and I use the redeye from Seattle international to get them home the following day at a good time for our puppy parents. We use Continental airlines for Connecticut and it is included in our prices. Puppies are shipped from Seattle to Houston to Harford... or from Seattle to Newark then to Hartford

Shorkie puppies Illinois Shipping

We have a few options for getting our Shorkie puppies in to Illinois. My first choice is for pick up at Chicago. This because I can use Continental airlines to get your Shorkie home and they are always my first choice. There are a couple of other airports that we can get into but it will be via Delta Airlines . When it comes to Delta airlines we send all puppies home collect and remove 100.00 from the listed price of your puppy. But you will have to be prepared to pay for it on your end. Delta also has temp restrictions that will apply especially during the winter months. So we do ask our puppy parents to work with us and try and work it our se we can ship our Shorkie puppies into Chicago. Also now that Continental airlines is merged with United.. Chicago may be a direct flight for the puppy from Seattle which is almost unheard of.

Shorkie puppies Oregon Shipping

We are literally only a couple hours from the border of Oregon and my husband and I are always looking for a littler romantic getaway. We are happy to make the drive to you in Oregon with our Shorkie puppies. We will meet you in Portland Oregon with your new Shorkie and then take the rest of the day to do some TAX FREE SHOPPING! lol. We also welcome anyone wanting to make the drive here from Oregon to pick up their Shorkie puppies. But either way shipping is not necessary for our Oregon Shorkie puppy parents.

Shorkie puppies Maryland Shipping

We have had quite a few Shorkies go home to Marlyland are and Baltimore and surrounding areas.

There are a couple of options when we are shipping Shorkie puppies into Maryland and that is Dulles International and BWI.. Continental airline that services BWI and the price for BWI via Continental airlines is included in out prices. If you want your puppy to arrive into Dulles you puppy will be sent home collect on Delta airlines. We try and advise everyone that the cost of using Delta is about 350.00 so it can be a bit spendy. So we encourage you to make the effort to get to BWI so you can save the airfare and use Continental airlines. If you do use Delta you will be required to pay for the puppies flight when the puppy arrives.

 Shorkie puppies Massachusetts Shipping

Our puppy parents that get our Shorkie puppies in Massachusetts  have all said that LOGAN  international was the best experience they could have asked for with Continental airlines and they people that work there took amazing care of our Shorkies and our puppy parents raved about the experience. Ad I mentioned Continental does service them so the flight is included so there would be no out of pocket experience to get our Shorkie puppies home to Massachusetts. We have not serviced any other airports in this state but if need be we can look into the information and give you what we find out about any other available airports and airlines. They will not be Continental and a extra fee would apply or we would have to send your Shorkie home collect.

Shorkie puppies Detroit Shipping

Detroit Metro is the airport we use to send home our Shorkie puppies. The thing about getting one of our Shorkie Puppies into Detroit is the time. Continental does provide service for live animals into Detroit but the arrival times are odd. What I do is use the earliest am flight from Seattle so your Shorkie arrives about 8 pm. They fly via Houston Texas where they are fed and given water and then then go on to Detroit. As is it with most puppies that fly. There are usually no direct flights to any destination but a very select few and it is usually the airlines main hub.. We do use the best connection times so it is nothing to worry over. Going it Detroit does very at times. I am actually able to use the red eye flight if the connection time is good to get a puppy home in the early afternoon. But that flight is not always operating. So before we ship any of our Shorkie puppies to Detroit we make sure we talk to our puppy parents and make sure the times work for them.

Shorkie puppies Nevada Shipping

Nevada you have hit the JACKPOT!! lol. Getting our Shorkie puppies into Nevada is a very easy flight and Continental does service McCarran Airport. I always use the red eye for Shipping our Shorkies into Nevada because the puppies arrive early in the morning for our puppy parents and the connection flight going to McCarran is great. The puppies usually arrive about 9 am in the morning so it makes a perfect pick up time. I do believe that Alaska airlines also offers service of pets into Nevada but I would have to call to find out the schedules. They may even have a direct flight. If we do use Alaska there is a 100.00 extra fee that is incurred do to their shipping process and cost. But again please remember shipping via Continental is available for our Shorkie puppy parents in Nevada and there is no extra fee for using their services.

Shorkie puppies New Jersey Shipping

We love flying our Shorkie Puppies into New Jersey. It is one of only a very few direct flights. So to all our Shorkie puppy parents in New Jersey NEWARK is your the destination that your Shorkies will arrive in New Jersey. It is on Continental so we dont need to even look it to any other airlines.

There are 2 choices for our puppies arrival time and that is 630 am... or 3 30 pm. Many of our families like to go and pick up their new Shorkie in the early am to avoid all the bad traffic. But it is up to you and we can do either flight at your convenience. The flight is included in our prices. So NEWARK is a great flight!!!


Shorkie puppies New Mexico Shipping

We only have one option for our families that want Shorkie puppies in New Mexico. Continental airlines is the carrier and your Shorkie will arrive into Albuquerque New Mexico.

The flight and arrival times are pretty limited so we ask that our Shorkie puppy parents work with us to make work. The reason we will only use Continental airlines for NM is because of the heat and Continental airlines is set up to where there are no temperature restrictions. They have a guarantee of climate control of every place they service. Because the flights are limited we do our best to make sure your puppy arrives on the best day for you. So if you need to take any time off work we will work around your needs to make it an easy and smooth. There is no extra fee for the flight via Continental as it is included in our prices.

I do know too that now that Continental has been merged with United that there may be some more flights available. So we will call and check it out and get you any of the updated info prior to you going out of your way to make any other arrangements.

Shorkie puppies North Carolina Shipping

Recently we have had alot of requests for Shorkie Puppies in North Carolina. So now we have some SOUTHERN SHORKIES! We have a couple of airports we can get into on Continental airlines. We can have your Shorkie puppies go to Raleigh Durum NC airport  or into Charlotte NC airport.

The flight times available for all our Shorkies being shipped to North Carolina is all about the same. It is the arrival times that will vary. It also will depend on which airport is closed and more convenient for our families to get too. There is no extra fee as both airports provided service for pets via  Continental airlines and it is already included in our prices.

Shorkie puppies South Carolina Shipping

Shorkie puppies going into South Carolina will be shipped via Houston, Newark from Seatlle Wa. NO need to worry the connection times are great. Arrivals are usually around 1 to 4 pm in the afternoon. That is the current flight schedules we have now for 2011. This may all change come 2012 as united merges with Continental airlines we may see some differences in the flights one way or another . But we may also see MORE flights available. For the puppies we have shipped to SC we have also used Delta. If we do go this route your Shorkie will be shipped home collect and the cost is about 250.00. We will still get the carrier and health check need to make the flight for you. But you will be responsible for the flight if Delta is used and you can pay at the airport when you pick your puppy up. We will call prior to you sending in any deposit on a puppy to find out exactly what airline and airport we can get into on Continental and then weigh our options. But rest assured we have quite a few Shorkies in South Caroiina. So getting your baby home to you safe and sound is no trouble at all.!


Shorkie puppies Texas shipping

Well HOWDI! big state of Texas!

We have many families that have our Shorkie puppies in Texas.