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Hint  for the Heat:

It is so important that you keep your Shorkie puppy cool in the summer or the hot weather, One of the best ways to do this is a PUPPY CUT!

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Gotta Keep Cool Shorkie Puppies

Information on Owning a Shorkie Puppy in the Summer or a State that is hot all yr round!

Ahhhhh! The beauty of Sun.. and also the HOT HOT WEATHER!

Many people looking for a Shorkie want to know how a Shorkie will fare in the heat.

The number 1 rule is

Hydration , Hydration , Hydration.. did I say Hydration.

Nothing is more frustrating and makes me angry to see a dog in any situation where it is clear it needs some water. Us humans unlike dogs can fend for ourselves and get a glass of cool water when we feel the need. Our dogs and pets rely on us to know when they need it.

Its really all about common sense when you live in a hot climate or it is the summer time. But I have learned over the years it is better to educate people and tell them than to not say anything at all.

In the summer or if you live in a hot climate Leave water out for your Shorkie at all times!!!!! Just we need to stay hydrated so does your dog or puppy.

Heat can be fatal to any animal just as can it can be a human but do not forget a dog has less mass and will be effected quicker than a human.

Do not for any reason leave your Shorkie out in the heat for linger than 3 to 4 minutes. Enough time to go out and do his business.

If you are going somewhere leave your Shorkie puppy at home, Dont ever leave your Shorkie in a car when it is hot out side

The temp in the car can soar to heat that will kill your dog!

If you do have to go somewhere and take your dog... make sure you have water and SHADE!!!!! like a little pup tent if you can get one!

Keep your puppy is a PUPPY CUT in the summer! If you do not know what a puppy cut is please call your groomer.